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Restructuring the Damaged Spinal Disc with Advanced Laser Technology

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LASER DISC DENERVATION at Outpatient Spine Centers is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that helps relieve the painful symptoms caused by a bulging or herniated disc.

The spinal disc is a joint that acts as a shock absorber in between the spinal bones (vertebra). They help allow the spine and torso to bend, flex and twist throughout everyday activity. A bulging or herniated disc can occur through long-term wear-and-tear (degenerative disc disease) or from an acute injury such as an accident or fall.

In degenerative disc disease the spinal disc loses its ability to properly support the surrounding vertebra (spinal bones). The spinal disc is shortened and becomes susceptible to bulge or herniate outwards towards the spinal nerves. When the spinal nerves eventually become pinched the result is local and radiating pain extending into the arms or legs.

In an acute injury the spinal disc is exposed to extreme pressure or force that causes the disc to stretch beyond its natural range of motion. In serious injury the soft inner core of the disc breaks through the outer layer of the disc and places pressure on surrounding nerves, this is called a disc herniation. If a herniated disc is not addressed or properly treated, the herniation can lead to permanent nerve damage and other spinal disorders.

At Outpatient Spine Centers we use the latest advances in LASER DISC REPAIR Technology to relieve the painful radiating symptoms associated with a bulging or herniated disc.
“Utilizing the Most Recent Advances in MINIMALLY INVASIVE, MUSCLE SPARRING techniques, we are able to achieve better clinical results and help patients recover sooner.”
  • Minimally Invasive Outpatient Procedure
  • Gentle Anesthesia
  • Completed within 30 Minutes
  • No Muscle Damage
  • No Hospital Stay
  • Same Day Recovery
Laser Probe

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At Outpatient Spine Centers, LASER DISC REPAIR is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that can be completed with gentle anesthesia in 30 minutes or less allowing a same day recovery and quicker return home. If neck or back pain is not responding to oral-medications, physical therapy or pain injections then LASER DISC REPAIR at Outpatient Spine Centers can be a solution.

To start, we accompany the patient into our state-of-the-art procedure room and introduce them to their team of nurses and doctors that will be taking care of them. Next, one of our board certified, fellowship trained anesthesiologists will administer the patient with the most gentle anesthesia therapy possible so that the patient is comfortable before, during and after the procedure. Before starting, we will administer additional anesthetic to the area on the back where we will make the micro-incision. This helps further ensure the patient will feel comfortable during and after the procedure.

First, using modern imaging technology, the painful spinal disc is precisely accessed with a specialized spinal needle. When the correct needle position is verified the latest FDA-Approved laser probe is positioned within the spinal disc. The laser is then set to the optimal temperature determined by each patient’s specific anatomy and pathology. The laser used at Outpatient Spine Centers is capable of precisely penetrating soft and bony tissue down to the micrometer.The probe is maneuvered in a fashion that restructures the disc space to reduce the disc tissues that are pressing against the surrounding nerves. This restructuring provides rapid pain relief allowing patients to become active again and resume their normal daily activities.

The anesthesiologist will gently wake the patient up and we will bring the patient into a comfortable recovery setting to be with family and friends. After a brief recovery period, the patient is able to leave the surgery center that same day and recover in the comforts of their own home.
“We diagnose the root cause of your pain so that we can safely and effectively relieve the painful symptoms of your back and/or radiating leg pain.”
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Bulging Disc
  • Torn Disc
  • Herniated Disc
  • Ruptured Disc
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Typically, patients complaining of pain, weakness, tingling, numbness or stiffness in their back and/or legs are potential candidates for a LASER DISC REPAIR. These painful symptoms can be caused by a number of conditions including degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, bulging disc, torn disc, herniated disc or ruptured disc.

Are you experiencing pain, weakness, tingling, numbness or stiffness in your back and/or legs? Find out if you are a candidate for LASER DISC REPAIR. CONTACT US TODAY or use our FREE private & convenient symptom evaluation tool.

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